School Construction

11305667794_172b29435b_cAccording to 2012 data, only 40% of Afghan schools are being held in permanent buildings.  The majority of students meet in inadequate shelters or outdoors.

And, while enrollment is growing in Afghan schools, only 35% of students are girls.

AAFF and Sahar Education International work together to build safe, well-built schools that meet the educational and physical needs of students, especially young women.  To date, we’ve completed 12 school buildings.


In partnership with Sahar Education and the Janet W. Ketcham  Foundation, we recently completed our newest school construction project, Gohar Khaton.

17273060625_26d8dc424f_oGhohar Khaton accommodates 3,000 young women as they prepare for their futures.  With state of the art restrooms, hand washing stations, and outdoor sports courts protected from public view, the school promotes healthy living and good hygiene.  Strategically designed windows and doors allow for cool air in the summer and warm temperatures in the winter.  Landscaping and an on-site well promote responsible and safe water usage.  And a technology center on site allows students to further job skills.


Clean Water

Only 27% of Afghanistan’s rural population has access to clean drinking water.

sewer and bread makerAAFF partners with local workers and uses local materials to construct wells in communities in need of a safe, easily accessible water source.

While many organizations in Afghanistan spend upwards of $35,000 for a well, AAFF can build a well for about $4,500.  It only takes $10 to provide an Afghan family with water for life.

Each well we build can serve approximately 500 families.  In 2012 alone, twenty-five wells were constructed, providing water to over 12,500 families.